Welcome to Finca Es Cabàs

This ancient property of Arabic origin is located just 15 min from Palma and its owners have preserved the architectural elements beautifully though the centuries. Parts of the farm such as the arches and the canal in the oldest part of the manor are listed features. The old medieval lime kilns, the coal houses, and the olive mills, amongst other constructions, have been preserved to give the visitor a glimpse of daily rural life in the old Sierra de Tramuntana area of Majorca.

Following a tradition of centuries, the farm produces crops from its own seeds originally from the island. Xeixa, the grain of indigenous wheat is harvested, ground in a stone mill, and used for the production of ecological bread and pastry. The orchards produce almonds, carobs, oranges, figs, olives and other native fruits. The olive oil grown, pressed and bottled at the property is the product of a long tradition of organic farming. Although production is small, in the last few years our pure olive oil has caught the attention of many. As well as wine: during the Arabic occupation of Mallorca Es Cabas was a huge wine producer, until a terrible plague forced the following generations to consider other agricultural purposes. Nowadays, the vineyards are being reintroduced with the old local variety. Wild and domesticated animals such as the red kite buzzard, known as the milana proliferate in the crop areas, while the Majorcan goat, donkeys, cows, black pigs and sheep can be found in the farm.