Time to connect

In the world in which we live people often loose connection, with themselves, their partners, with their relatives and their friends. We are always being encouraged to seek the new, to move on, to push into places that are new and people we have not yet met. But rarely do we get the chance to nourish, protect and improve our existing connections that may have become tenuous, fractured and dis-connected. We have lost ‘Community’

Finca es Cabas has designed a new kind of retreat, vacation, holiday, to reconnect people, families and groups. It is geographically based in the magic island of Mallorca, where the rural un-discovered central areas of the island offer a special kind of existence. It is beautiful – the meeting point of cultures and traditions over hundreds of years. The environment is of beautiful rolling planes, and awesome mountains, of vineyards and turquoise seas.

The very special environment of the Finca is a purpose built residence, situated on a working farm. It has its own vineyard, and beautiful Mallorquín buildings, for meeting, eating, sleeping and doing nothing. There will be special programs designed to excite, heal wholesalejeans and help people make connections again, of individuals with themselves, of couples with each other and groups with those who they may have lost contact with.

Personalized Yoga experiences will encourage healing and rebirth, hiking, walking and trips to the mountains and the sea will encourage individual and group reconnection and re-birth.

Workshops in a wide range of interests will be offered – into local products tasting, plants/ vegetables of the island, cooking traditional malloqrquin dishes, artisanal crafts from the island like basquet making, and the abundant natural life of birds and flowers and trees like the almond blossom. Hiking and biking tours will be offered as well as boat rides along the undiscovered north of the island coast.

Everyone says that holidays/ vacations provide a great chance to re-connect with yourself and with others. But this experience in Finca es Cabas is more than this – it’s designed for individuals and groups to engage, to learn, to grow, to practice and develop the life healing skills of Yoga.

All in a very special and secret part of a very special island, that of Mallorca.

Majorquin Carob Tree

Let’s imagine a substantial, natural food with numerous nutritional properties, without contraindications and ..wait! does it tastes like chocolate? Yes, indeed, this food exists and is called “algarroba” in Spain or crab tree.

It is the fruit of a tree that grows in the Mediterranean basin. It is as beneficial as it is delicious and it is one of several products that we sow on our farm.

Once processed, in flour for example, and used for confectionery is very similar to the flavor and color of cocoa but with countless properties that we will discover below:

Nutritionally it is rich in:
Calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc or boron. It has abundant content in proteins of high biological value that in addition is a source of vegetal protein, that contains essential amino acids presenting lack of tryptophan. Another of the properties of carob flour does not contain gluten, however, provides complex carbohydrates and mostly polyunsaturated fat that can consume perfectly celiac people.

Medicinal properties:
Multiple benefits for the body as it is very rich in mucilage, is a kind of soluble fiber that acts against inflammations of the mucous membranes, eliminating irritation of the respiratory tract, as well as digestive inflammations. This same soluble fiber delays the uptake of glucose, neutralizing the glycemic peak. For these properties is a very effective treatment to cure digestive ailments, helps digestion and in the same way prevents stomach discomfort.

Carob is an energy food, has 50% natural sugar, of which 30-35% is Sucrose and 10-20% are Glucose, Maltose and Fructose and only 10% protein. It is a fruit rich in tannins, a powerful natural antioxidant. It has a source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, C and E.B1, B2, B3.

In addition, the resin obtained from carob has many beneficial properties, is recommended for treatments of asthma, bleeding, cystitis, laryngitis and indigestion. It is also an excellent expectorant agent.

Another of the peculiarities of the carob are its seeds, as they were used as a pattern in jewelry, this is why the word “carat”, which in Arabic was the name of the seed of the carob, because they are so exact among themselves, which was a way of standardizing the weight per measure as they were very precise.

For this reason, carob has recently been considered a fruit that offers a balance between innumerable nutritional values and a delicious taste that can be used in many ways. Indeed, it is a fruit that “worth its weight in gold”.